The Differences Between Ants and Termites

Termites are sometimes more difficult to identify than ants. Termites can swarm in large groups, and they have the ability to fly! There is a big difference between termite wings and ant antennae: Ants use their antennae for sensing; however, termite wings allow them to travel long distances by catching air currents with triangular structures that point downward from the insect’s back — not unlike an airplane wing.

Ants and termites are both insects that can cause damage to our homes. But, they’re not the same! Here’s a list of differences between ants and termites according to Healthida:

– Ants eat any type of food, while termites only eat wood.

– Termites have wings and live in colonies with drones (males) and queens (females), while ants don’t have wings or live in colonies.

– Ants will attack when threatened, but termites just hide out until you leave them alone again.

– Termites have a slim, straight waistline and ants have an uneven one. Termite waists are slender with no curves in them while those of the ant are more rounded out at their backbones which creates a pinched appearance due to how they’re situated on top of each other when squished together.

– Termites have a straight waist, while ants have one that’s pinched. An ant’s antenna is also bent and different than those of termite who all sport the same strait variety. The wings on a flying ant are not what they seem – these appendages do not shed like their winged counterparts or other insects for example butterflies often leave behind when in flight which means if you find any abandoned insect parts it could mean your property has been invaded by pests!

– Termites and ants are both quite different in many ways. One of the more noticeable differences is that termites do not shed their wings, while flying ants will usually leave them behind when they fly away to find food or have a colony elsewhere. If you come across any pieces of winged insects like this, it means there’s probably another nest right on your property!

It’s easy to make a mistake when dealing with pests. Even if you are an expert, it can be tough to correctly identify very small creatures that scuttle across your property and invade your home. That’s why the best pest control companies recommend seeking their expertise for help in identifying infestations of ants or other insects like termites.

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